Message from Big Sir

May 18, 2020

My dear fellow Sir,

Yes, today marks yet another week of Social Distancing as a result of the COVID-19. But let’s continue to make space and time for positive thoughts. We don’t have to look far to find examples of our “New Normal” that offers a positive spin.

How about MASKS ? When we pass someone at Safeway we can’t tell if they have a large nose, a button nose, or a crooked nose. We don’t know if they have full lips, thin lips, or pouty lips. And we have no idea whether they have perfect teeth or not so perfect teeth. Do we miss that? Not if we put a positive spin on it.

This past week I found myself taking much greater interest in EYES. Remember them? They are located just slightly above the rim of their MASK. Did you know that when that person gives you a smile their eyes close slightly, and become a bit softer. And a WINK…….Wow that’s really something! Think of it. Everything else is covered by the MASK! I even find myself looking to see what “Color” their eyes are. I’ll bet you didn’t realize how many different shades of blue eyes can be. If you try this…..THE EYES… will finally know that saying someone has blue, or brown, or green eyes is the ultimate understatement! I think you get the point. And there’s more.

Remember, “The eyes are the windows to our soul”.

Continue to be safe and healthy,

Roy Bristow, your Big Sir