Message from Big Sir

November 30, 2020

My fellow Sir,

Just recently I heard someone make the statement, “Friends come and friends go”. ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!

Acquaintances may pass into and out of your life’s circle, but true friends are forever. Sometimes a true friend can move on to another place and your contact with them might even stop altogether. But you will continue to remember and enjoy that special relationship.

Ever hear the term, “Long lost friend”? Of course. Months or even years later you got together with them and when you started to “Catch up”, it was like only yesterday that …….

Ever notice how often we say “Friends & Family” or “Family & Friends”? We hardly ever use one without the other. How about when we pay someone the ultimate compliment of, “They are just like family”. It makes your heart feel good and you know how it must make them feel inside.

And what feels better than sitting in a room filled with family & friends? Ever catch yourself drifting off in moments of memories you have shared with them all before? It might be a quiet way to count your blessings.

The happiness in ones life might be measured by the friends and family he surrounds himself with. Just look around. You won’t have to look far to count the blessings around you.

Continue to be safe and healthy,

Roy Bristow, Your Big Sir