Message from Big Sir

March 1, 2021

Dear fellow Sir,

So far, so good….your Big Sir has received both covid vaccinations, and is not growing antlers or glowing in the dark! In fact, no symptoms at all. I wish the same success for all of you.

I hear that schools are getting ready to re-open, which is a key indicator of recovery from this crisis. I feel for all the students and families who have endured this, and no doubt taken a step backward. I don’t know about you, but I consider myself lucky that the pandemic struck after I retired, so the consequences were limited. I’m sure many of you have children and grandchildren who have suffered more from the pandemic than many of us retired people, with kids not being able to go to school and many parents working from home, if at all. Throughout this mess, I’ve been impressed that our community has continued to support the small businesses around us, as best we could.

Maybe when this is all over, our appreciation will be greater for things in life that we took for granted, like the social interaction at our SIR luncheons!

Your 2021 Big Sir,

Rick Harris