Message from Big Sir

January 25, 2021

Dear fellow Sir,

One of my childhood heroes passed away a few days ago. Hammerin’ Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s home run record in 1974. Growing up in the south I was a fan of the Atlanta Braves, beginning when they moved from Milwaukee. I listened to their games on the radio and heard the call for many of those home runs. I can still remember the voices of the announcers, and the excitement of those days. Henry Aaron’s record held up for many, many years. Later on, I moved west and faded as a Braves fan, but young memories stick.

Our world is pretty messed up these days, and we are reminded that the continuum of life’s events happens despite the virus. I think we would all agree that the world is a different place now than it was when the virus took hold. Live your life, keep making memories, and share them with others as best you can!

Stay safe and healthy, and don’t forget those vaccinations!

Your 2021 Big Sir,

Rick Harris