Message from Big Sir

June 29, 2020

My dear fellow Sir,

During my last website note of encouragement, dated June 22, 2020, my optimum phrase was “Things are getting better”. With new retail store openings, bar and restaurants, and salons, to name a few, it started to feel like the “New normal” was well within our reach. And then came some postponements, setbacks and a rethinking of the COVID-19 effect on all of us going forward. But these delays do not necessarily mean we are going backwards. Maybe just another test of patience. For those of you who are golf enthusiasts, you know that if you have a 12 ft putt for birdie, you can’t make them all. But with a nice “lag” and a tap in for par, you have the patience to move on to the next hole.

We were strong and positive at the outset of COVID. We have been strong and positive during the COVID. And I am confident that patience will sustain us through a short delay. Let’s all keep a focus on the ring, never loose sight of our goal, and look forward to the “After COVID Experience”.

Remember, stay strong. Remain positive thru it all. And be an encouraging influence to your fellow Sir.

Continue to be safe and healthy,

Roy Bristow, your Big Sir