Message from Big Sir

August 3, 2020

My fellow Sir,

COVID-19…… And what about the children? What about those wee little ones who come to visit us, their Nana and Papa? You know, those little people we so cherish. They know nothing of this pandemic. They have no understanding of why everyone is standing so far apart. They are just now learning social skills, not social distancing. Where have all of the hugs and handshakes gone? What they must be thinking…….but their hearts are light and their faces bright. They run, not walk, everywhere they go. They still scream and squeal and everything is fun and laughter.

Hey, everyone is wearing a mask! It cant be Halloween! Why is everyone wearing a mask? “I want to wear a mask too”, they plead.

Hey Nana, “When do I get to back to school?” I love school. And we answer, “Soon Little One. Soon”.

Hey Papa, “When are you going to take me to the park again, where all the kids are playing”? And we answer, ”Soon Little One. Soon”.

It’s heartbreaking to see something like the COVID so disrupt even the simplest things in our lives. It’s especially sad to see it’s effect on those who don’t yet understand what is happening.

And so it is our job to insure that they………..

Continue to be safe and healthy,
Roy Bristow, Your Big Sir