Membership requirements

Membership in Sons In Retirement is open to men regardless of age, race, color or religion. New members must be sponsored by an existing member.

New member process

This process is currently under review by the Branch Executive Committee, and will possibly be changed shortly. If you wish to sponsor a new member, contact the Membership Chairman for status.

Branch members wishing to sponsor a new member should invite the prospect to a regular luncheon meeting as his guest. Only an existing member can sponsor a new member. The guest sponsor should always notify the Membership Chairman and the Attendance Chairman that he is bringing in a guest at least 4 days prior to the upcoming meeting. This is because a guest package containing a welcoming letter from our Big Sir, a Membership Application form and a copy of our Branch Newsletter needs to be prepared, as well as knowing how many sit-down meals are to be prepared for the meeting.

If the guest decides to become a SIR member and completes the Membership Application, his sponsor should see that it is delivered to the Membership Chairman at least 5 days before the next meeting. The prospective new member and his sponsor will be asked to attend the next regular meeting (or whichever meeting they both can attend). The Branch Executive Committee (BEC) will vote on the membership and, if approved, the new member will be inducted prior to that meeting luncheon.

Branch 161 membership

Our Branch 161 June 2020 membership: 169.