Pickleball has been growing, just like nationally. Pickleball at the Discovery Bay Community Center, 1601 Discovery Bay Blvd. is drop-in play for all, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday from 8 -12 organized by the local players, usually including some SIR members. The numbers playing run from 12 to 25 during the week and 30-50 on Saturday.

On the first Saturday of the month there is what is referred to as a new player workshop starting at 11am. Various experienced players teach the basics to any interested person and the only prerequisite is to show up with tennis shoes on. All other equipment is provided. One of the court photos is of that activity with Sir Rob Ryan teaching.

All play is for men and women, and many couples do play. The courts are public courts and there is no cost to play. The local pickleball community formed a volunteer organization, Discovery Bay Recreation & Sports, to raise funds to help maintain and improve the courts over time and are always looking for those to help in this effort.